Friday, September 22, 2006

Things I'll do alone

This Artist's date thing has me thinking of dates I'd like to go on by myself. Some ideas:
  • Go to the North End and write in a cafe there (while eating Italian pasteries of course)
  • Walk around the outdoor food markets at Hay Market
  • Take a train somewhere for a day trip on my own
  • Go to a nice yarn store and browse
  • Walk in the Arboretum and look at the leaves
  • Go to a movie by myself. Maybe a French one that I always have trouble finding a "date" for anyway. :)

Just thinking about these fun activities is stressing me out right now because I don't know that I'll get to fit in any of the more time consuming artists dates for quite a while. October is getting busier and busier. I'm going to have to start saying no to things again, even things I want to do. :( I just canceled a gardening lecture I was going to go to. And I'll cancel a meditation class I was going to take. (I have been meditating on my own, though!)

The real problem is a work trip I'm taking to New Mexico. I am VERY excited about it, but it comes right before our final MFA submission is due, so I'm not sure how that's going to work out... And I ordered a bunch of bulbs that need to get into the ground in the next few weeks. I guess it just will come together somehow!

OK, I'm babbling. The real point I wanted to make with this post was to think about the things I won't do by myself, though I wish I would. One is kayak. Another is hike. All of this is thanks to my parents who instilled in me a fear of being a girl alone in the world. While I appreciate their desire to protect me, I don't appreciate the fact that I can never enjoy being alone in nature because there is always a rapist/kidnapper/murderer hiding behind the next tree.

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DonPare said...

Go to Caffee Vittoria in the North End, not that tourist trap called Mike's Pastry...

TI said...

I like your list, Bug. Try thinking of artist's dates as giving you more energy for other things instead of as taking up time. They don't have to be long, either. But I know what you mean: i'm experiencing schedule compression too.

And I agree with donpare: don't go to Mike's.

DonPare said...

Also, for a train ride, I would recommend the commuter rail north to either Manchest By the Sea or Rockport. Both are a short walk to main street and the ocean!

Go! Go! You'll enjoy yourself!

Michelle said...

New Mexico! Fun fun fun!!! I love New Mexico!

I also have that deal going on where I don't feel safe--originating from the same messages, only I am more neurotic about it.

Reading your list made me miss the city until I read about how busy you are. Here in the country I have more time, but less to do with it.

Bug said...

LOL Michelle. I guess that's the trade off--stuff to do vs time to do it!

FatCharlatan said...

GREAT list...try really hard to do one of these dates, okay????