Monday, September 18, 2006

Good listening

I've discovered that web surfing is not a satisfying way to take a break from writing. Knitting, however, is. So, when I need to get away from my story or whatever for a while, I knit while listening to talk radio. The NPR website is my new best friend. But I thought I'd share some other interesting places to find inspiring talk radio:

Four stories is an amazing organization that puts on readings around Boston. And they recently started podcasting the events.

Greenstone Media is a new all-women, e-radio station supported by Gloria Steinham with interesting shows.

Art of the Song is a radio show produced in New Mexico that covers, among other things, how songs get written.

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Bibi said...

Oh, I'm glad I read this because I saw Steinem being interviewed and didn't know the name of her radio network. And you're right about surfing not providing a good break ... ;-)

Bug said...

Glad to help Bibi!

Anonymous said...

Cool! Maybe we can check out a Four Stories event sometime.

Bug said...

Sounds good, Jan! Are we still on for the Ploughshares event this weekend?