Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Looking back on month two of my MFA

I think it's helpful for me to think back over the last month after I send in each submission, so here goes...

Things I did well
+Didn't put too much pressure on myself to figure out my story completely
+Allowed myself to think (and blog) about it first before hitting the page
+Did my interdis project throughout the whole month instead of cramming

Things I'd like to improve
-I waited to do my readings until the last minute. I think I was feeling burnt out of close reading, and I also wanted to wait to hear from my advisor because I thought her comments would help me focus my annotations on aspects that would be more helpful to my work. That might have been true, but it also meant a lot of last minute reading and writing.

-I'm finding it difficult to reread each work in full. I always reread the section or story I'm writing about in my paper, but I don't reread the whole thing. Other MFAer, is that what you are doing?

Other goals for next submission
Write a lot in my character's voice before I try to figure out the plot. Best Blogger Tips


TI said...

I only re-read some parts of the book, esp. if it is long. Once I have in mind what I want to write my annotation on, I just focus on the bits that contribute to that particular piece of craft learning. I've learned a lot so far by focusing in this way, and will stick to my method.

TI said...

I also meant to say that this is a great post, and you've done really well over the past two months. The way you share your process is really helpful. Thanks, Bug.

FatCharlatan said...

Hey--did you get actual feedback on your annotations??? My advisor said this: "I enjoyed reading your cover letter and craft annotations; your observations are keen, and your enthusiasm contagious."

That was it. I didn't get them back with mark-ups or anything...did you and TI???

I agree with TI,'re doing great work and making great progress.

TI said...

My advisor put comments on my annotations and my cover letter, but mostly to elaborate on points that I made or answer questions that I raised with suggestions. I found all of the comments really helpful.

Bug said...

Thanks ladies! I'm finding writing about the process really helpful--I'm so glad it's helping you too!

FC, I did get detailed notes on my annotations.

January said...

I like how you recapped your activities for the month. Now that's a great idea for improvement.

Bug said...

Thanks Jan!