Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Artist date

I started reading the Artist's Way last night. It was slightly overwhelming in that the "course" expects you to do morning pages (which I blogged about earlier), as well as 10 or so weekly exercises. Yikes. But I figure I'll just do what I can and be better for it.

Another interesting part of the course is that you have to take your artist on a date each week. You have to go alone, and do something that stimulates you/is fun, like go to a museum, see a movie, take a walk, etc. I love this idea. I used to do those things more often by myself, but now that I've been feeling time pressure I try to make things two-for-one, so that a museum outing is also a chance to catch up with a friend. Or a walk is really about getting my dog to pee. The book is a nice reminder to have some fun, adventurous alone time as a way to feed your creative spirit.

I think I'm going to officially start the "course" on Sunday, so my first date with myself will be next week. Not sure what I'll do yet... I'll keep you posted. :) Best Blogger Tips


TI said...

The Artist Date is another great tool - I'm going to do a post at some point with ideas for artist dates. Sometimes it can be as simple as going to a cafe with your notebook for an hour, or sitting on a park bench and watching people go by for 30 minutes. If they always had to be elaborate outings, I might not take them regularly. Have fun with the Artist's Way, Bug!

Bug said...

Great! I can't wait to see your list!

TI said...

A partial list and you get honorable mention:

DonPare said...

I got into a good stretch for a while where I took myself out to dinner on Sunday night. Sat at the bar, had a drink, and wrote in my notebook for about an hour. Then I went to see a movie. Those nights are so worth it. I agree with the book!!

Bug said...

Maybe you need to give it anotehr shot, Don!