Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I've decided to take a day off tomorrow. I am feeling a tad under the weather, and I need a mental health day. Here's my plan:

Sleep a tad later than normal
Do morning pages (Thanks TI!)
Walk Chloe
Go to Java Jo's and get breakfast (with decaf coffee--wah) and read the paper
Go to Molly's house and hang with her cat for a while (we're cat sitting). Read annotation book while there.
Finish setting up composter, weed, and plant a bit
2:00 phone call with Mentor
Write! My goal is to get up to the part of the story where a family adopts the dog that Chloe (the widow) loves.
Do small freelance project
After dinner, listen to book on tape and knit.

Have a good day, everyone! Best Blogger Tips


TI said...

Have a great day Bug!

January said...

Day off? Sounds like work to me.

I work at home on Thursdays so I like to check out a few blogs before I start the work day.

Enjoy your day!

bostonerin said...

Enjoy it--you sound like you're being WAY more productive than I am right now (and I'm AT work!).