Monday, September 11, 2006

Lists, how I love you

I just spent a large majority of a yoga class thinking about the many things I have to do. So me thinks it's time I make a list and get them off my mind.

Part of it is because I know I'm biting off a bit more than I can chew right now. I just signed up to be an English tutor to the employees at my work who don't speak English as a second language. I know it's a great thing to do, but there's a 3 hour training tonight, and another next Monday. And I need to winterize my garden and get ready for the perennial plant exchange that's going on in Boston's community garden this weekend. And I'm addicting to knitting (thanks a lot TI) so I want to finish the baby mittens I'm making and start in on some booties.

Start reading annotation book (Accidental Tourist)
Free write for 1 hour on my dog pound story
Reply to Interdis advisor's comments
Maybe set up composter if I can figure it out and I'm in the mood

Start reading annotation book (Accidental Tourist)
Free write for 1 hour on my dog pound story

I had planned on going to Rachel Kaddish's reading in Porter Sq., but we'll have to see if time allows. This weekend is pretty busy, so I might just want a night at home to knit and listen to books on tape, my new favorite activity to do while knitting. I swear, there's something about listening to someone's work that's so different than reading it.

Take friend out for belated birthday drink

Dig up mint and bring to the plant exhange, then head to the UMass Folk Festival. At night, maybe do more writing/knitting/tape listening unless Bri wants to do something more exciting.

Apple picking with my in-laws during the day. Night time, writing.

Deposit condo checks
Spend some quality time with the kitty I'm cat sitting for at a friend's house
Drop off thank you present for friend who dog-sat for me this weekend.

Next week:
Start new annotation book
Devote time to interdisc project
Cont. writing
Winterize garden and plant new plants
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TI said...

Sorry about the knitting addiction! But as far as addictions go...
Do lists like that make you feel better or more overwhelmed? I had trouble catching my breath just reading it. I'm terrified of my list. My advice: forget about composting until next summer!

Repeater said...

Hey Bug-
Guess we're all in the same sort of overladened boat- I'm watching the waves break over the side. (The composter is on my list too, but way down at the bottom!) I'm also feeling like I don't know where any of my stories are headed, but I'm sort of used to that these days.

Bug said...

Glad to know it's not just me, Repeater! I hear ya about the waves (and nice image!) TI, I do like lists in that they make me feel more organized and under control than I actually am. :)