Friday, September 29, 2006

Brainstorming, a vent, and a mighty cute hot dawg

I used to wonder: who are these people stupid enough to dress their dogs in Halloween costumes? Now I know. (You can also get a glimpse of our very fat cat in the background)

Now the vent: I had it in my head that my next MFA submission was due Oct. 4. But I also seemed to know that it wasn't due until after next weekend. So while in a yoga class tonight, the two incompatible ideas collided and I spent half of shavasana wondering how the F I would get everything done by the 4th. When I got home and checked, the deadline is really the 9th. Stupid bug!

And finally, some brainstorming on my new story idea.

I think the next line will be: "'You're so melodramatic,' I can hear my brother say. And maybe he's right.

  • I think the death he/she is talking about isn't literal. It has something to do with the archaic job he/she has, something like manually gluing and restringing library books and journals in a college library where everything is going digital.
  • I'm not sure when this will present itself to the reader. I think I just need to freewrite on it tomorrow.
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Anonymous said...

You did not dress Chloe up in that! I would be walking away in disgust, if I was Boom Boom too... :)

Nice selection for a god-awful job. Gluing anything sounds bad!

Repeater said...

Oh, your poor puppy. Looks happy enough, though. I love that you're inspired story-wise. Keep 'em coming. Hey- if you get a chance, want to send me a copy of your newest story. I'd love to read it.

TI said...

Did you win a prize for that hot dog costume? Very cute. I remember you saying Oct 4 instead of 9 and I meant to say something, but someone else had also mentioned the 4th so I thought it might be my own mistake. I had already decided to take an extension to the 9th since my *very careful planning* (yeah right) depended on having the weekend. I love the details in your new idea. Also, it definitely has Ivan Ivanovich themes (he's the Tolstoy character with the tedious job so was like the walking dead and then he actually did get a terminal illness and no one really understood and then he had a moment of clarity on his death-bed). This is getting long - I better go do my own post!

Bug said...

Ouch. I thought the costume was so cute, DJ and R! Chloe will have the last laugh when she gets all sorts of treats on Halloween. :)

TI, I'll have to reread that Tolstoy story. It sounds like it might be helpful! Thanks!