Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I've got mail

I set up a yahoo email account to go with this site and posted it in my bio. I didn't think anyone would ever use it, though, so I forgot about it. Until today. I had some lovely messages from people whose blogs I had posted on. Thanks for the mail!

I'm particularly grateful for Shelly's email. I had happened upon her blog somehow, and emailed to ask about a post she wrote about a project she started called My Life in Stories. It's basically a list of stories of your life that you often tell or are important to you in some way. This sounded like a fun and inspirational idea, and now I have a link to Shelly's explanation of the project. I think I'll tackle the beginning of a list in my next post. Thanks Shelly! Best Blogger Tips


Shelley said...

Hey, Bug, I'm so happy that this idea has sparked something in you as well! Looking forward to your stories (or at least a list of titles, which is how I started).

PS: Just for future reference, it's ShellEy. I've been saying, since I was about eight, "S-H-E-L-L-E-Y... like the poet."

What can I say, I was pretty nerdy even then. :-)

Bug said...

Sorry ShellEy! I have a name that's easily confused, so I feel your pain. :)