Saturday, September 16, 2006

Another list

Everything's chuggin along. I've meditated for the last 3 days, and done my morning pages for the last two. And the odd thing is, for the first time, these things don't feel like a chore. I think the key for me was promising that I would not feel guilty if I didn't stick to it. That freed me up to try with no pressure, and, ironically, they seem to be sticking.

Here's my To Dos for the rest of the weekend and week:

Saturday night/Sunday

  • Write draft of Accidental Tourist Annotation
  • Get some kinda draft done of dog pound story
  • Plant plants from perrenial divide
  • Go to yarn store and get special needle for sewing my baby hat/mitts together
  • Email Globe about J.P story I'm pitching.

Next week (early)

  • Do freelance piece
  • Pick up next annotation book from library and start reading
  • Deposit condo checks
  • Start on interdisc project
  • Continue working on story
  • Start to figure out next semester's interdisc.

Next week (late)

  • Continue reading, writing, and working on interdisc

Next weekend

Friday I don't think we have plans. Maybe I'll take B to see Little Miss Sunshine if we have time. Or I can always continue working on the above. Also, I need to revise the essay I plan to submit to a journal with an Oct. 1 deadline. I'll be getting feedback from my writer's group on Thurs. (A big thanks to FC for already providing great feedback on it!)

Saturday is the start of that crazy write-a-story-in-a-day contest. That night I have a party to go to.

Sunday I'll probably just work on finishing that day story, and the rest of my projects.

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TI said...

Hi Bug. Good list. What story are you pitching to the globe? TI

Bug said...
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Bug said...

I'm already getting behind! Ahh. I do some local reporting for the Globe on things going around in JP. There are a bunch of important community meetings coming up that need to be covered. I don't actually love reporting on these things, but it does give me satisfaction to know that our little area is getting better coverage.

January said...

I should post my to do lists because I tend to write a list and then forget I have one.

Bug said...

LOL January! That's exactly why I post them!