Thursday, September 28, 2006


Inspired by two blogs, here are some fun lists:

Things I like, in no particular order:
(Thanks Repeater for the inspiration!)
The beach, being invited to do things, being outside, sushi, most ethnic cuisines, wine, knitting, yoga, reading, writing, witnessing random acts of kindness, the sky at sunset in the fall, the air in the fall, fall in general: aka weather that you can be comfy in flip-flops, jeans, and a sweater, being honest, snuggling, Bug, Chloe, BoomBoom, staying in, going out, getting gifts that you really love esp when you didn't ask for them, hugs, berries of all kinds, tea, watching dogs or kids play, gardening, journals, books, thoughtful people

And as I promised in my last post, here's the beginning of a list of My Life In Stories:
  • I went through a phase as a kid where I stole stuff, usually from my older brother. One time when I was maybe 4 I stole all of the little chachkas he stored in this mini-filing cabinet thing. I took every last stick, thumbtack, rubber band, and eraser. How I thought he wouldn't notice, I don't know. He came home and was furious! He searched my room and found everything in my dresser (not a good hiding place, FYI). The whole time he was searching my room, my grandparents (who were babysitting us) sat on my bed with me and hugged me. Talk about unconditional love.
  • We used to have a house on the Jersey shore where we'd spend lots of time during the summer. It was near Atlantic City, and we'd hang out there a lot. (This was before it was seedy, and before Trump was there.) There was a boardwalk, and a bunch of kids' casinos where you could play games for stuffed animals. I remember once I won this raccoon who I named Ricky. How I loved Ricky. We stopped at my great aunt and uncle's house on the way back from the trip, and I left my beloved Ricky there. Of course I realized this when we were about an hour away. Man, did I cry. And scream. And cry some more. And then my parents made what I consider a fatal flaw--they turned around and we drove to get Ricky. I know, it was awfully nice of them to do (though in reality it was probably more for their own sanity than my comfort). But from then on crying hysterically=getting my way. I just recently managed to get over that habit
OK, that's all the embarrassing memories I can dredge up for now.

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TI said...

Hey, that's MY list! LOL. I'll have to post one. Love your list of likes.

Do I see creative non-fiction writer lurking in there somewhere? I think so. Great memories. Keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

What is a chachka?

We used to vacation in Jersey when I was a kid too. I loved those kid casinos on the boardwalk!

I remember winning little mirrors with etchings on them of beer ads and band (VAN HALEN) symbols...classy stuff... :)

P.S. I know you. You haven't given up crying to get your way!

Bug said...

What ever are you talking about Don? I think the only time you saw me cry was at the end of Six Feet Under when you know who dies. A chatchka (sp?) is just another word for random things.

TI--ha! Glad to know we're so much alike. And you're right, I do like writing non-fiction!

Shelley said...

Hey, ti, if you post a list, will you let me know about it? I want to try to keep track of the folks who are trying this idea on for size. And congrats on the Outfront gig! Rocket.

And Don, if you want to further hone your understanding of the term "tchotchke" (it's from the Yiddish, so there are a BUNCH of different English spellings), check this out!

Repeater said...

when I read both your list and ti's I thought, oh, yeah, I forgot, I like that too. Glad you two listed as well. Nice to see some positive things -keeps me out of the negative space!