Monday, September 25, 2006

Another schedule

My third MFA submission is coming up on 10/4, so of course, I need another schedule.

By this weekend:
  • complete additional scenes needed for my short story
  • Be on my way to finishing annotation

This weekend

  • Edit writing in story. Check for language, redundancies, make sure each scene is needed, etc.
  • Edit annotation #1

Next week

  • Continue editing
  • Finalize interdisc project handouts and scripts
  • Finish annotation book

Next weekend

  • Write annotation on Fri or Sat.
  • Finalize story draft
  • Write letter to mentor

Early the week of the 4th

  • Proof story
  • Edit annotations

Somewhere in there, I would like to plant some bulbs as well.

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TI said...

Bug, when you post these schedules for the submission deadlines it really stresses me out! The heat is on! And I've got tons of bulbs to plant as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm stressed and I'm not even in your program! I have no time to plant bulbs so I hope you get to work it into your schedule.

You go, girl!

Bug said...

LOL TI. I'll warn you next time I'm about to post one of these so you know not to visit. And Jan, puh-lease! You are the queen of fitting in everything--including loving and caring for two small kids!

FatCharlatan said...

My submission has been pushed to 10/17 since I just got feedback on Monday night. I was feeling a little lost (spinning my wheels), but now I think I'm starting to get back in the groove. We made a book change, too, for the annotation. I admire your to-do lists and discipline...I need to get my inter disc project done this week, finish a second book, and, of course, do some writing.

Good luck with your list!