Friday, February 23, 2007

A new process

I got comments back from my faculty mentor. I'm not ready to comment on most of them yet (they need to steep for a bit, I think). But one thing she suggested is that I try a new process for writing my next story. For one week, I am to write intensely for 3 hours in a row. I am only to work on the story, and only move forward in the plot--no editing. (Though she did say that after my 3 hours were up I could go back and edit. As if I'll have time/energy left at that point).

This process is scaring the bejeezus out of me. What the hell am I going to say for 3 hours in a row? What if I freeze up at the half way mark? Then what? I'm also concerned how I'm going to find three hours during the week, but I guess we'll cross that bridge on Monday.

Like a good doobie, I'm going to give it a try, starting tonight. I'm going to a yoga class from 5-6:30, and then I'll go home and eat, and write from 8-11 or so. I'll report back in on this later. Wish me luck... Best Blogger Tips


bostonerin said...

Wow! I bet this new process will let you get deep into your story. You'll uncover lots of your character's experiences and fears that you might not, were you to stop when you felt like it. (Of course, you might not *use* what you find, but that's ok).

Try to think of the time as a gift: a three-hour window of blissful writing time. Yay!

Susan said...

I know what you mean. Especially after some of those writing classes at BU, my inner editor can be very critical.

Here's the info on the MB event next week: I'm not on the email list, but I check the website obsessively (it just went up a few days ago). I'll let you know about the next book reading I attend!

TI said...

That's a very ambitious plan. But I can see how committing to three hours of moving forward with the story is kind of freeing in a way, since at least that three hour time period is set aside for nothing but writing. I like bostonerin's way of thinking of it as a gift. I'm really excited to hear how you feel about it after you've done it a few times.

Repeater said...

This is a really good tactic, it seems. I try to work that way most of the time, of course I fail miserably at it, but it's a good tactic. Most craft books suggest not editing at all at first. Some even say write the first draft in one sitting. Yeah, right.