Friday, February 23, 2007

Almost made it

OK, I took some breaks, but I did manage to write for the better part of 3 hours. I'm at a point where I really need to edit what I have--move stuff around, decide what I'm going to develop--before I can go on. I guess I'll do that before my eye doctor apointment tomorrow morning, and then I'll spend the afternoon getting in another 3 hours.

In the meantime, to appease myself for not making it the full three hours, I thought I'd do an exercise here. Writer's magazine has a prompt in each issue, and you can enter your writing about the prompt in the magazine's montly contest. This month's prompt went something like this: write about a situation where a woman would have to dump out the contents of her purse. The woman is not being threatened in any way.

I had two thoughts: in one, the woman has to dump her purse becuase something sets off the security buzzer at an airport. In the other, the woman has boarded a bus and is searching through her bag for her bus pass. The driver is not very kind, and won't drive away from the curb until she finds it. So, in her frustration and nervousness at holding up the bus, she dumps everything out of her purse. I'm not sure what happens, but I know the end image is of her lipstick rolling around the floor of the bus.

I think I'll pursue the latter, off line for now. I'm tired, and I have to take Chloe out for her evening pee.

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FatCharlatan said...

I was just going to e-mail you to see how the three-hour marathon went and then thought I'd check here to see if you blogged about it.

CONGRATS! Writing for three hours--even with a few breaks (and, hey, we all gotta pee!)--is hard. Bask in the glow--you did it!

I saw the prompt in The Writer and thought it was an interesting one...I like both your ideas. Looking forward to reading it! :)

Keep at it, Bug! :)

TI said...

I'm really impressed that you did it! And I like your ideas for the prompts. I'm frozen right now. The prospect of a week off is kind of freaking me out. I know. I'm sick.

January said...

Wow, writing for three hours straight--what's that like? Can't remember the last time I did that. I'm sure it was B.C. (before children).

Both ideas sound like good ones to pursue. Even if you're revising and not writing, it is a necessary part of the process. Good for you!

Repeater said...

Hey- great that you did it. I may try to enforce that on myself when I return home (I haven't even left yet, so I'm giving myself plenty of leeway on that one).
I like the bus idea. I was laughing just reading it, because I always feel so nervous if I don't know bus ticket protocol. Those drivers can be mean!

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