Friday, February 23, 2007

Patti Smith

The Patti Smith ICA event was a little out there. I didn't know much about Ms. Smith beforehand, but she, in fact, is a little out there. In any case, boy can she sing. Hearing her sing in person definitely made it worth going. The best part, though, came during the Q&A.

There's always one person in every group who just can't figure out the social niceties of a particular situation. This person asked a question about artists' roles in saving the world. Patti answered the question very competently (bottom line: people everywhere need to work to save the world. That's a human responsibility, not just one of artists.) The person then asked a follow up question, or rather, made a follow up statement, going on and on about Bush, the other evils of the world, etc. After about 15 seconds of this blathering, Patti grabbed her guitar and started strumming into the microphone. All of us clapped, as the questioner had no choice but to shut up. I am now wishing that, at all times, I could carry a guitar and a microphone and strum away to drown out whatever is annoying me. Best Blogger Tips


January said...

I've always wanted to carry around a microphone for just such an emergency.

Sounds like you had a great time. I love hearing artists--true artists, not celebrities--talk about their craft.

Repeater said...

Yeah, she's eccentric. Don't you wish more people shut those guys up?

my backyard said...

Hurray for Patti!
And good luck with your 3-hour marathons -- sounds like you're making good progress.

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