Wednesday, February 21, 2007

More random thoughts

1- I managed to wake up early today (6:30) and get in some fiction
writing and my morning pages. Hopefully this pattern will last...

2- I tried to take TI's advice and make an "unschedule" but old habits die hard--I started by plugging in the things I had to do, the very un-point of the un-schedule. I'll try again today. I find part of me rebelling against the idea of having a schedule committed
to paper. What happens if I just don't feel like doing what I've
scheduled when I've scheduled it? Is it a failure of some sorts not to
go through with it?

3- MFAers, do you find it hard to get into the reading you've been assigned? I don't know if it's the reading I'm choosing/being
given or if it's just because I know I have to read it, but I haven't
been totally engrossed in any of the reading I've done so far.

4- I'm in a bad, bad mood for no apparent reason.

In fact, I should be in a good mood because my Harvard thesis proposal
was finally accepted. Which means that I now need to get two short
stories approved and then I'll need to expand the proposal. Maybe
that's why I'm in a bad mood?

6- B and I are going to the new ICA
museum tonight to hear Patti Smith talk. I know I should be excited
about this, but see #4. I'm sure it will be fun in any case.

Sigh... Best Blogger Tips


Repeater said...

I'm in a bad mood too about not being able to rewrite my story... Congrats on your thesis. I'm sure you'll be glad to get that done. It's absolutely incredible that you're doing both. I can't even handle one program, and we rarely go out at night.

Oh, and if BostonErin is reading this congrats to her too on winning the contest!

GoGo said...

Yeah, I avoid a schedule myself b/c I already have too much to do.

I like te uncommitted comittments, a scheduling just makes me feel trappd in my day. ;)

FatCharlatan said...

The reading has been a challenge for me this semester as well...and not because the choices are bad...but nothing "obvious" in terms of craft is jumping out at me (at least, nothing I haven't already written about).

I think the winter doldrums are setting in, too...I'm antsy for spring. I know it's just around the corner, but I want it NOW.

How was the ICA??

Hang in there!

TI said...

I actually bailed on one of my readings and replaced it with recommended reading (I'd asked Jane for a few extras). Much more helpful -- brilliant essays by Andre Aciman (the man is gifted and has activated my writer envy big time). I'm struggling too. We're all in a bit of a slump. Remember, we are the MIS, so stay positive!

Susan said...

I know what you mean about bad moods for no reason. :( Will I see you at the Media Bistro event next Wednesday?

chiefbiscuit said...

I can't say anything to cheer you up except - 'this too will pass'. Pretty naff and pretty much a cliche - but maybe it'll help anyway ... Hope you feel some spring sunshine on your skin soon.