Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Random thoughts

B and I are back from North Carolina, which was a great trip despite a
lot of trouble getting there (read: we were stuck on the tarmac for
three hours while the plane gotde -iced, then we missed our connection
and were told that the chance of getting out of D.C. were small, since
everyone and their mother was stuck there. So we drove whatshould've
been 4 hours but ended up being 6 hours to N.C.) We really liked the
Chapel Hill area and will think about moving there once school is done
for both of us. I will be so, so, so, so thrilled to never again spend
weeks looking at the sludgey mix of ice and salt and sand.

On a completely different note (which is why this is titled "random
thoughts"), I need to reinvigorate my excitement with my
writing/reading for my MFA. I haven't gotten comments back from my
mentor yet (insert the drumming of finger nails here). Not sure if that
has anything to do with the fact that I'm finding it hard to focus, but
I thought I'd mention it.

I have been fairly religious about my morning pages. But now I think I might need to amp it up a bit and do those and some writing on my story every morning. That means I'll have to get up earlier, which you all know I don't like to do. Butsomething's gotta give. I'm just not feeling as excited about/into my work as I did last
semester. Maybe it's just that the mid-winter blahs are extending into my work. Which brings us back to the desire to move. Maybe this post isn't quite as random as I thought... Best Blogger Tips


TI said...

Hi Bug. Ramdon comments: Glad you had a great trip. It's exciting that you and B are thinking of moving to NC. My writing is also coming slowly. I'm also going to start with the 5 a.m. thing again as of tomorrow. I've been unfocused and using the 5 a.m. timeslot to cram for work instead of work on the MFA. Since I can't get up any earlier, work is going to have to step aside. I'm also waiting for comments, which JB put in the mail on Sat a.m.

Bug said...

Grr to blogger. I don't know what's up with all the words smooshed together on that post. I swear it's not like that in my editing version!

Repeater said...

I'm with you both on the sluggishness. Now that I rushed and finished my reading, my own writing is stalled...I think I may blog about it later today.
Glad you liked NC!

jz said...

You wre in my neck of the woods. You need to try coming during the summer months before you make a decision. We moved here after living three years in Michigan -- so tired of the long grey winters. The sunshine was a joy. But the summers here are hot hot hot (although not as bad as summers in Missouri, where I lived for about 10 years).

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