Wednesday, February 28, 2007

This American Life

I had the pleasure of going to see a taping of This American Life last night (which is the very best NPR show, if you're not in the know). I love Ira Glass. In a totally intellectual way only (I don't actually know him and all...and he's probably closer to my parents' age than mine.) I wonder, do men get intellectual crushes the way women do? (At least the women I've talked to.) By intellectual crush, I mean, you're crushing on someone just on the basis of his smarts. You know little else about him, and probably don't even know what he looks like.

OK, enough of that tangent. What I wanted to say when I started this post was how amazing the writing of TAL is. They really bring the characters (people they interview) to life. I need to study it more to be able to tell you how it's done. I'll do that soon. In the meantime, check out the web site for the new TV show of TAL! I saw clips of it last night and it's amazing. Really artsy and very in line with the integrity of the radio show. Best Blogger Tips


Susan said...

Don't know if men get intellectual crushes, but I've definitely had them. I also liked your short story, how you captured the emotions of the situation in an economical fashion. PS Wrote more on Q & A's on my blog.

TI said...

I am very susceptible to the intellectual crush, but the flip side is that even the smallest hint of intellectual arrogance or pretension turns me right off. Don't know about men's propensity to fall for smarts. I'm sure some do, but many find an intellectually strong women to be intimidating.

Repeater said...

I love TAL too. That's so cool you got to see it taped. I didn't know there's a TV show. I have to echo agreement on the int. crush. And I know my husband gets them too. He is in love with Joan Didion and Helen Miran. I think he also might love Ira Glass but we don't talk about that one.

Tori said...

I love This American Life. In fact, I am pretty much a junkie for NPR shows...Wait, Wait...Fresh Air etc...
90 percent of my conversations begin with..."I read..." or "I heard on NPR..."
Tee Hee. I love being a dork.
After all those angst filled teen years I know embrace my dorkiness.

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