Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sunshine ahead!

Brian and I are headed to North Carolina for the long weekend, both because I generally need some sunlight this time of year and we ain't getting much up here and because we have this crazy idea in our heads that we might like the Raleigh/Durham area enough to move there some day. Some day when the weather and the cost of living up here finally gets to us. Some day when I'm really ready to give me dream of not having to work for a company full time a go (which would be easier if we weren't mortgaged up to our you-know-whats).

Good bye for now, and next time I post, I might just be doing so with a slight tan! Best Blogger Tips


Repeater said...

Have fun! Long weekend for Valentine's Day? Never heard of it. I like it though.

TI said...

Have a really great weekend (is it the weekend already? Not here).

FatCharlatan said...

President's Day, kids. President's Day. :)

(But I had to stop and think about it, too...the cherubs are off next week in Mass.)

chiefbiscuit said...

Have fun - hope you took your writing notebook? :)

January said...

Enjoy the time away--hope you come back refreshed and tan.

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