Friday, February 09, 2007

First submission: done!

I just sent out my first submission of the semester, and I'm only feeling comci-comca
about it. Something about the story isn't connecting with me the way it
should. I think I need to get to know my character better, and I
definitely need to know more about her relationship with her husband.
But I got to the point where the story felt too muddled for me to do anything
with, so I'm glad it's out of my hands, even if I'm not exactly
thrilled with it.

My new mentor is very cerebral, and she definitely comes at writing with her brain first (as opposed to her heart). From talking with her about process quite a bit during residency, I think that idea infiltrated my process. But I don't think
it worked for me. So for this next submission I'm going to spend a week
or so free writing furiously about the story, and then work that into a
coherent draft of some sort in the next weeks.

I *think* my annotations were clearer this time around. We'll see though. I have a tough time with those for some reason.

OK, deep breath. And now it's time to work on my IS submission and the stories I'm handing in for my thesis (for that other degree I'm stupidly working on concurrently. Sigh...) Best Blogger Tips


January said...

Congrats on your submission. Now, when do you have time to rest?

briliantdonkey said...

Congrats on the submission and best of luck with it as well.


Bug said...

Rest? Who needs rest? :) Thank you both!

TI said...

I know it feels good to be done with the submission. It's a bonus that you learned something about your "process" at the same time.

Sara said...

I'm also breathing a sigh of relief about getting this first submission passed in. I think the first one of the semester is the most stressful.

Gili said...

so are you getting a lot from your mentor? maybe you don't want to say online. she's kind of an enigma to me even though she led half of our workshops.

Repeater said...

Wow, you've been busy, bug while I was frantically trying to get my taxes ready and my submission in (my husband says I'm insane- after all it is only Feb.- he may be right). I have a lot of posts to read here...

Bug said...

I haven't corresponded with my mentor yet, but Gili I'll let you know either here or off line what I think of her comments.

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