Thursday, February 01, 2007


I'm chugging away on my newest story. It's gone from
a very shitty first draft without an ending to a slightly less shitty
second draft without an ending.

Now, as for my annotations...
I'm well behind on those. Done the reading, have some semblance of
ideas, but am having a hard time articulating them. Just like last

(On a funny note, I typed chugging into Google
images assuming it'd bring up pictures of trains. Instead, I got lots
of frat boys chugging beer. God I'm old.) Best Blogger Tips


alana said...

hi! i like your blog. i just wanted to say that i am also way behind on the annotations... as in, done the reading, nothing else! and--big surprise--i'm not making that much progress on my revision. and i had hoped to be so on top of things this semester...

TI said...

That is funny about what came up when you googled "chugging." I've done one annotation but have yet to finish the reading for the second one (close, very close!).

Repeater said...


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