Friday, November 03, 2006

Random thoughts

I don't seem to have many blog-worthy thoughts going on here, but I do want to keep this thing active. So here are some random thoughts for this Friday:

  • I'm trying very hard not to hate winter, but I'm falling short. Anyone have any thoughts on why winter is good? Anything I can think of--drinking hot cocoa, snuggling--are actually things I could do in the summer, so they're not doing it for me. I'm not too big into winter sports, either, though maybe I could try again to embrace skiing/snowboarding...
  • I am still loving morning pages. Any of you who don't do them should really give it a shot. It's easy--just babble on paper for 3 pages every morning. Write about whatever you want. Just don't stop until you've done 3 pages.
  • I'm excited about my lunchtime yoga class. I haven't worked out much lately, between being away for work and then getting a cold.
  • I'll post a pic soon of the baby booties I'm knitting for my friend's shower--tomorrow! Guess what I'm doing tonight?
  • While I'm knitting I'll be listening to The Ha-Ha on my computer, thanks to a free download from my local library. I love the library. (And this book is pretty good too!)
  • I'm looking forward to Sunday Scribblings this weekend.
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jim said...

I love that you love libraries.

And about the winter problem...can´t help much. I live in North Carolina. It is suppose to be a chilly 60 degrees today.

Kim G. said...

You do get your share of Winter, with a capital "W" on the east coast. Here in Portland, it started raining yesterday after a glorious October of sunshine and mild temperatures. I'm a bit of a homebody so the thing I like about winter is more of an excuse to stay inside. The holidays are fun, too, if you can keep everything in perspective and actually enjoy them.

Bug said...

Thanks to you both! Jim, what part of NC are you in? My husband and I are actually thinking of moving there once we finish grad school up here, mostly because of the weather issue!

Kim, I do love the holidays, mostly because my husband LOVES them. He's insane about them, and it's fun to see. Also, I get to enjoy them without doing too much work since he loves everything from putting up the tree to making cookies.

jim said...

I am in the Piedmont. Greensboro. What they call the Triad. I like the fact that we are close to beach and mountains -- but then you are too, right? We moved here after spending 3 years in Michigan. Michigan has beautiful summers, but 8 months of gray skies was just too much.

Anonymous said...

Winter is amazing! Here's the obvious one: knitting. Winter knitting projects are way better than summer ones. Nice warm sweaters etc. Some knitters dont' even knit in the summer. Winter sports -- yes, get back into snowboarding. I can't wait. Also, I bought new boots for winter and I can't wait to wear them, so I need snow, preferably the crunchy kind. And you just can't "cozy up" in the summer like you can in the winter. Hockey season. Snow days. That singluar quality of light that you only get on a brilliant sunny winter day.

Bug said...

Wow TI. You are a true Canadian! I'll have to email you all winter long for reminders. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am very Canadian. I am really looking forward to snow. It's a far superior alternative to what we're experiencing now, which is wet, rainy, cold weather that doesn't invite anyone outside.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I like about winter is a good snowstorm that shuts down everything for days. The kind of storm people talk about for years after.

Other than that, I got nothin'!