Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday monday

So I had a post planned in my head about how nice it was to have a quiet weekend to myself, and how much work I got done. And then I found a rejection letter in my email box. It was a very nice, personal rejection letter (because I have a friend at the journal I submitted to). She said a few people on the staff gave my piece a thumbs' up, but apparently not enough people did.

I'll definitely resubmit it elsewhere, and I know that rejection is a part of the game and that everyone gets them, and blah blah blah. But none of that helps me feel any less disappointed, or less like crying. I guess I'll just spend this rainy Monday wallowing, and then get back on that horse tomorrow...

This experience does give me a glimpse into the life of a journal, though. It's interesting to know how many layers you need to get through to get published. Best Blogger Tips


TI said...

Sorry to hear about the rejection. It never feels good but it's good to know that a few of the editors liked your piece.

January said...

The reviewers at journals can be so random. If it's a college journal, even the good ones use students who don't get paid but have to read mountainous slush piles. Still, it sucks when those rejection letters arrive.

Remember, there's no substitution for persistence and talent. Keep sending out. It's just a matter of time before your work is recognized.

Not sure if you saw my response to KJ's question, but I think it's applicable.

Bug said...

Thank you both! And January, your response to KJ is great. Legacy/possible shame are good motivations.

FatCharlatan said...

Rejection sucks. It's totally okay to cry. And then, like you said, mount that ol' horse.

Hang in there.

Repeater said...

At least you're getting out there, bug. It takes a lot of courage. (and just remember, sometimes you get yeses). I also think crying is important. I cry all the time (my poor husband)and I haven't even gone out there yet.

TI said...

I cry too. It's a healthy response.

bostonerin said...

Allow yourself to wallow, but set a time limit on it and then figure out your next steps. When you're ready, you'll see the positive, too:

-several readers liked your piece

That tells me it just wasn't a good fit for THAT publication. The submission process is like blind dating--you get a little info about the possible mate, but it's not until you connect with the person that you know it's a good fit.

Saddle up!

Kim G. said...

Your perspective and attitude on this is inspiring. That old horse will surely take you to the right publication for this piece! Hang in there! :)

GoGo said...

sorry about the rejection. I hear ya, it never feels good to hear 'no'.

january's got the right idea and so do you. Letting yourself feel the disappointment then getting back on Mr. Ed there. Glad you're feeling it, though sad you have to this time around.

~smiles back at Ed there~

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