Monday, November 06, 2006

Final submission: DONE!

My final submission for my MFA program is out the door (or email box, as it were). This was a tough one for me, between a work trip that through off my schedule and a very-unlike-me bout of procrastination. So though I was up until midnight last night writing my second annotation, it is done. Phew.


I didn't fall in love with any of the books my mentor had me read this semester. I can't tell if the books just weren't a great match, or if the knowledge that I was reading them to write about them made it hard for me to lose myself in them. Other MFAers, can you comment on your experiences?

But as for the writing, I can only say that in my own opinion, my understanding of story and my writing have improved tremendously. And my love of writing has also increased.

I've noticed that some weird emotions come up after I send off a submission. I get sad and mopey, almost like I'm mourning for the pieces I had to let go. I'm worried that this feeling will be magnified this time since this is our last structured submission for the semester. Though I do want to get a new story done to submit by 12/4 to my workshop group for the January residency, and I have a lot of other writing and house projects I want to get underway. (Post to come about those!)

Anyway, congrats to all the Lesley MFAers out there who have completed their first semester!
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Dirk_Star said...

Nice blog. Well written, nice to see...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Bug. Congrats to you too. My favorite book from the annotations was Gornick's _The Situation and the Story_, which I learned so much from. I also really enjoyed Michael Ondaatje's memoir, _Running in the Family_ and Richard Rive's (south African writer) short story collection _Advance, Retreat_. My love of writing has increased, but I also have a new appreciation for how hard it is. Craft-wise a learned a lot, but I dont' know how to incorporate it into my own writing. Now that the last sub is in, I have the illusion of TONS of time. I better write a recap on my own blog. Good idea.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting it done.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on such completing your submission. I'm guessing you probably took a little away from all the books you've read this semester; you just may not recognize it yet.

Repeater said...

I feel the same sort of mopeyness (nice word)but I think it is exhaustion.

Congrats to you too!