Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tag, you're it

I've been tagged by BostonErin to do this Letter Meme. J is a hard one...

10 wonderful things that start with J:

  • My last name, though no one can pronounce it (despite its shocking similarity to a very famous psychiatrist).
  • June, the official and unofficial start of summer
  • Jelly belly jelly beans
  • Jackolanterns
  • John, having one when you need to pee (or is that spelled jon?)
  • Journals
  • Jam bands (like Phish)
  • Jewelry (OK, I don't love jewelry that much, but I'm running out of ideas here.)
  • Jewish people (and Christians, and Muslims, and those who have no religion....)
  • Jungles (if you are safe and seeing them as an ecotourist, I imagine)

Five bad things that start with J:

  • Jury duty (I'm all for civic duty, but I can think of a thousand other things I'd like to do with a day than sit and wait around for a judge to send me home) Judgemental people
  • Jobs, the need to have one to pay bills
  • Jailbait (as in the idea that young girls would be seen as sexual objects to older men. Gross.)
  • Jackass (the TV show and jackasses in general)

You're it. I tag:
TI for K
Repeater for L
Jim from North Carolina for M
Kim G for N

Gogo for O
Kerry for P. (I'm not even sure you're reading this, and your blog seems to be down right now but...)

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jim said...

ok -- I did mine.

Repeater said...

I must say I love your bad Js (in a love to hate sort of way) more than your good.

Now I'm going to admit, sadly, that I have no idea what a meme is (yes, I am a rube), though I do believe I'm suppose to do a list of Ls I like and don't like???

Please help this poor naive blogger to understand

GoGo said...


Jersey. That's my favorite J

Bug said...

Repeater, I am laughing because I asked the same question a few months ago! I'm still not totally sure of the answer, but yes, you do L in the same way. :)

Anonymous said...

How bout where you live, silly!
You forgot JP!!

Repeater said...

Thank you thank you. I'm off to list...

Bug said...

OMG. I can't believe I forgot JP! I should get booted out for that! Don, I didn't tag you cause you haven't been blogging much lately. But your should do P or whatever we're up to!

Anonymous said...

Like your list. J is similar to K in difficulty, I think. I didn't tag anyone. Is that a meme no-no. I don't send chain emails on either (just so you know!).