Wednesday, November 08, 2006

An outline and a shorter list

Here's a chunk of the To-Dos I'd like to get done this weekend (which is a long one thanks to Veteran's day, but it may just be a normal one thanks to an insane work project that might need some love over the weekend. Brian is away at a mystery writer's conference and I have consciously left a lot of my time open to get stuff done, and/or relax. Ha.)

  • Get my interdis study plan created
  • Get a second draft done of my short, short story
  • Work on my Chloe essay. Hopefully have some semblance of a draft.
  • Work on my thesis. (Not sure how to chunk this into smaller pieces yet so that's as specific as I can get, unfortunately.)
  • Bring up Christmas decorations from basement
  • Set up sewing/knitting area
  • Freelance projects (bleh)
  • Possibly go to the hardware store for some project goodies
  • Possibly work on my new story, for which I now have the start of an outline:
    • Scene with mom showing how she is now, post aneurysm
    • Scene where aunt comes to visit to see how mom is doing, and where aunt sheds light on the fact that the mom is acting how she used to act, before her marriage.
This new story's writing process is reminding me a lot of the saying, "Writing a novel is like driving a car at night. You can only see as far as the headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way." Best Blogger Tips


Kim G. said...

I love getting a glimpse of your work/school/life through your lists. Good luck with all of that! Remember to have some fun, too!

Catherine said...

What a lot of stuff to do. Hope you get through it and don't end up too stressed.
For Poetry Thursday I posted more about getting a grant and getting a book published, thought from your comments on January's blog that you might be interested.

bostonerin said...

Whoo--good luck with all of that! I feel like I'm slacking when I read your lists. : ) You are a fountain of energy.

Repeater said...

1. I didn't know Brian was a mystery writer! (My hubby's a screen play/ novella writer)
2. Your lists make me feel like I can manage to do my lists too
3. I can't seem to jump right into another story yet (in typical fashion I have the starts to many)
4. Have a fun weekend!!

Repeater said...

What I meant to say on #3 was- good for you for moving on it so quickly!

Anonymous said...

All this for the weekend? You are good! I have to admit, since I've started posting my to-do lists, I've gotten more done. There's something about public accountability that keeps me in check.

Have a nice weekend.