Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sunday Scribbling: Baggage

I'm liking this Sunday Scribblings thing. I forgot how awesome it feels to freewrite, no editing, no judgements (or, at least in my case, fewer judgements. That critic in my head is fierce!)
So here's my piece. It doesn't end, but whatever.

Oh, and I thought I would post the brainstorming I used to get to my story idea.

Baggage=loaded word
Baggage=something that's undesirable to bring to a relationship, though it's also something that everyone brings to a relationship
Baggage=excitement of packing
Baggage=different packing styles
Baggage=mom always asking if I'm going to buy new clothes for trips.

"Do you need new clothes?" This is the first question out of my mom's mouth when I tell her I'm going to Seattle to visit my college roommate.
Though I know to anticipate the question, it still annoys me. My mom loves to shop. She seems to truly believe she "needs" new clothes for every occassion, especially trips. Like she couldn't find a suitable outfit in the two closets worth of clothes that hang in what used to be my and my younger brother's bedroom.
"No, mom," I sigh. "Seattle's about the same temperature. I can wear there what I wear here."
"But still..." No matter how many times we have this conversation, she doesn't seem to care to grasp the fact that I don't like buying stuff for the sake of buying stuff (well, most of the time, anyway). And that even if I did, I'm on a budget, a word she will never understand the meaning of. How she managed to go 60 something years without knowing the state of her and my father's checking account amazes me.
"What suitcase will you bring?" she asks. Why she would care about such a trivial detail, I don't know. I do know I need to get off the phone soon, before I can no longer disguise the annoyance in my voice.
"The red one I got for my wedding."
"That small one? How will you fit all your stuff?"
"I don't like to check any baggage," I say. "It wastes too much time."
"Always in a hurry. I'll never understand you kids." Best Blogger Tips


Jemima said...

Tension, the desire to control your offspring, moving away from parental control, the desire to hold your own. Will it be thwarted or fulfilled? I'm loving the small red case. Looks cute and practical in my mind. Mention of the wedding sounds ominous though. And is mother's financial life about to collapse?

Just a couple of random responses.

Bug said...

Thanks jvs! You really gave me a lot of themes to think about. I appreciate it!

DuhhhBlond said...

I love the brainstorming idea.. I will use it one day if I need to. Thanks! And your mother sounds fascinating.. :)

January said...

You are so creative, my dear! Love your post this Sunday.

I can totally relate to the mother and daughter in the piece. My mom's the same way, but she came from a generation when air travel was a big deal. It wasn't as commom as it is now, so you'd always dress for the flight and your trip away.

And thanks for posting your brainstorming process.

FatCharlatan said...

It is so cool to see a writer's process. And I agree with the other posters that you some interesting themes/dynamics at work here...and I'm sniffing some character development here...a mom who loves to shop and a daughter who loathes it...hmm, what reason would mom have to give up her ways...and what reason would daughter have to adopt them? Ooooh--so many possibilities...makes for good fiction! :)

You've had an incredibly productive week, Bug--be proud and bask in that tonight!

Bug said...

Thanks for all the comments! And welcome to the new folks. It's fun to "meet" you! Jan, you are the sweetest. And my aunt was shocked that I wore sneakers on a plane, so I guess lots of people have that idea about dressing for a flight...

And thanks FC! It doesn't feel like I've done much this week, so it's nice to be called productive. :) I'm definitely my own worst critic!

megg said...

chuckle - mothers and baggage - not a bad combination ;)

DJPare said...

I love the mom's last comment, because it's true in the other direction as well. We will never be able to understand that generation fully either. The idea of a wife not having any clue about the family's financial status...can't relate.

Seriously though...Why does anyone need new clothes for every trip?

I mean, sure, if I'm going to see penguins in the South Pole, then my wardrobe probably isn't prepared for that, but...

Kay said...

LOVE it. Moms are the same all over, aren't they?