Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Shitty first drafts and other 6 am anxiety attacks

I woke this morning having dreamt about all the work I have to do. Always a fun way to start the day. I meditated (first day of our bet!), which helped a little. But then I sat down to work and decided to read over what I'd already written. I knew it was a first draft, but I wasn't prepared for just how shitty it was. I'm really banking that Ann Lamott was right when she said that first drafts are the down drafts--you get it down--and second drafts arethe up drafts--you fix it up. Best Blogger Tips


FatCharlatan said...

Yes, first drafts are ALWAYS shitty...and sometimes second and third and...


Seriously, though, just keep writing forward!

Bug said...

Thanks FC! I hope you're right! :)