Monday, July 31, 2006

The countdown is on

One week til my MFA submissions are due. AHHHHH! I have SO much work to do this week. I need to come up with a new schedule to make sure I get everything done. So here goes:

Monday (today): work on 1st person version of story. Hopefully finish first draft.
Tuesday: Proof and finalize submission for pedagogy elective.
Wednesday: edit story. Think about: themes--are they brought up early and effectively? Scene--Is every scene fulfilling its purpose? Sentences--is there good rhythm? are long/short sentences used for a reason? Word choice: be careful of repitions.
Thursday: Proof and finalize reading critiques.
Friday: Proof story. Write cover letters. Mail packets!!!

MFAers--do you know if we're supposed to have our stuff to our advisor by the 6th, or is it OK to mail it on the 6th? That would give me a much-needed extra day. :) Best Blogger Tips


FatCharlatan said...

Hey Bug, not sure about advisor is accepting everything via e-mail (same with our inter disc, right? David wants everything e-mailed, yes?)

Good luck--your schedule looks'll get it all done. Believe!

Bug said...

thanks fc! yes, david does want everything via email. an extra day for that one!

ti said...

Hi Bug. Mine was emphatic that he wants it by the 6th. I guess it depends. Maybe a message to your supervisor just to be sure. TI

Bug said...

Thanks TI. How was your holiday??

KF said...

Considering the 6th is a Sunday, I'm sure there's wiggle room with snail mail. My teacher wants them emailed so I can't really say for sure.