Saturday, July 15, 2006

A day off is very productive!

Brian came up with a great way to spend this ridiculously hot day: we'd go to UMass Boston, where he's a student. The campus is on the water, and therefore cooler and very pretty. He sat inside the student center working while Chloe and I sat outside picnicing, playing ball, napping, and reading. Though this wasnt' a true day off because I did read a bunch of craft books and a book assigned by my advisor, it still felt like one and I wasn't thinking about my story at all. And of course, it's then that I discover what's wrong with it! Thinking about the concept of the denouement (sp?), I realized that I rushed mine. The climax happens right at the end of the story, and neither the characters nor the reader has time enough to process it before the story ends. I love it when I can be lazy and get work done. Best Blogger Tips

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