Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Ok, it's been a while. I'm slightly embarrassed. But hey, stuff happens. And at least I've returned, right?

So now that I've graduated from both my masters programs, I need a plan to keep me writing. My MFA buddies and I decided on setting a word quota for ourselves. Mine is 350 words, 4 days a week. (Which means I better get writing tonight since I didn't do anything yesterday or Monday...)

I also need some other goals, so here are some for this month:

By July 11
Add paragraph to Cartes Postales and send to the friends who have generously agreed to read it.

By July 25
Research journals and begin sending Cartes out.

By July 31
Decide which other of my thesis stories I would like to send out.

What are your writerly goals for the month? Best Blogger Tips

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TI said...

Good goals, Bug! I'm sending out everything from the thesis this month, or at least that's the plan.