Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday Wrap Up (4)

Week four, with bad news to report. This week has felt very unfocused, writing wise. Probably because the first half was spent in a frenzy to get the house ready for our party, and then the second part of the week was spent on a freelance project. But now I'm back, and plan to refocus.

I did:
**Write part of the short story I'm working on via a Sunday Scribbling post

**Contact a medical intern friend of mine, who agreed to answer some technical questions about the ins and outs of a hospital ER

**Go see Sue Miller read and speak about writing. She was very down to earth, and seeing her reminded me that even my favorite writers, writers who have written 9 books (!), are still people, people who put one word in front of the other like the rest of us.

I did not get to:
**Send my damn story out. I can't tell if it's procrastination due to fear, or if I was really just too spent to do this. Either way, if I don't have this done by next week, I'll... well, I can't decide what I'll do. How about mail each person who comments on this post $5. (So someone comment, otherwise I'll have no consequence!)

**Write 4 days

Bottom line: A thumb's down for this week, with a promise to regroup and refocus for next week. That said, I'm going away on a mini vacation, so no posts until next week! Best Blogger Tips


Becca said...

I love Sue Miller's work, too. How lucky for you to hear her speak. I've listened to a few podcast interviews, and she's very interesting.

Here's to a better writing week next week :)

January said...

Make my check out to Poet Mom!

Don't be so hard on myself. It's August. Enjoy the warm weather and get back to it this week. Enjoy the new house! This will settle down in a week or two, I'm sure.

I'm in the same boat: not writing, not sending out. But I'm hopefull that this week will be better than the last.