Monday, July 28, 2008

My week in pictures (3)

You ever have an irrational annoyance with something? Mine is uploading pictures from my camera to the computer. Even though it's quick and easy, I dread doing it. So, this weekly pic thing is a challenge for me! (Note to self, it's the uploading to blogger that's a pain in the bum!)

But anyway... this week's most photogenic event was our housewarming BBQ. We were honored (and yes, warmed) by 40 wonderful friends and family who came and hung in our backyard. Someone at work recently said that he first felt like his house was a home when he came into it during a snowstorm and felt the cold meltaway. Another coworker said that moment came when he finally got art on the walls. For me, it is when I find myself preparing for and welcoming a big crowd of loved ones.

The bunnies were a big hit, especially with the kids:

And so was the food... (though we somehow have 40 leftover hamburgers. And we don't eat meat.)

Unfortunately I didn't take too many outdoor shots of people relaxing in the yard. I think I had too many drinks myself to wield a camera well... But here's a pic or two of the house itself:

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Jenny said...

Wow! SUCH a beautiful house! I'm glad you had a great time. My housewarming party was a crazy, crazy day, but the first time I really felt like it was home was a month later, when we had some friends over for a not-quite-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Dinner. Something about cooking a turkey in your own oven, in a dress and heels... It was just so Donna Reed. In a good way. :) Congratulations on your new home!

WriterBug said...

Thanks Jenny! LOL re cooking in heels.

Becca said...

Such a beautiful home and yard! A very inviting place to entertain, and also be "just home."

WriterBug said...

Thanks Becca! It def does feel like home.

DJPare said...

The house looks great!
Can't wait to see it up close - so sorry I couldn't make the BBQ...