Sunday, July 13, 2008

My week in pictures (1)

We adopted two insanely cute angora bunnies (I can spin yarn from their fur!--once I learn how, that is) I'll let the pictures speak for their adorable selves.

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rebecca said...

OMG they are adorable! but i've always wondered, how do you keep a bunny in the house? what do you feed it? does it use a litter box? do you cage it at night and let them run around during the day? so many questions!! i have dogs and cats, never i don't know!

pics are beyond cute....

RB said...

SOOOOO cute! I ditto Rebecca's questions and have one of my own: what are their names?

WriterBug said...

Hi! I'm happy to answer bunny questions--the rabbit shelter folks were so helpful with all of this.

We keep the bunnies in our bedroom, which is a really big room with enough space to give them their own corner )about 4 feet by 4 feet, where we laid out a sheet for them, and we use a pretty screen to block it from view from the main part of the room.

Their litter box is in there--yes, rabbits are very easily litter box trained (ours came that way). Oddly, they like to eat IN their litter box, so you put hay (their main dietary source) in one corner of it, and they hang in there quite a bit, eating and pooping. The best part is that unlike a cat litter box, there is no stink whatsoever--with their pee or poop. So you just throw the whole shebang into your compost pile once a week, refill with wood shavings (the litter) and presto!

We bought a wire pen that we planned to use to keep them contained while we weren't there, but it turns out our bunns don't chew at all (some chew on things like electrical wires--scary!) and they're really good about using their litter box, so we just let them hop around our room all day.

On top of hay, we feed them rabbit pellets, and one lettuce leaf a day. They're really inexpensive to keep!

Another common question is how our other animals are taking to them: our cat has very little interest in them. They can all be in our bedroom at the same time, and they just kind of look at each other. We're keeping our dog away from the bunns for the time being. We tried to introduce them on bunn's first day in town, and they FREAKED out before Chloe even got near them. So we'll try to introduce them again after they're a little more settled.

And names! Brian named them with very silly/fun names: the darker one is Doodle Doo, and the white one is President Reagan. :)

Kerry said...

Soooooo cute! I'm still shocked that you can litter box train a rabbit! I can't wait to meet them!

Anonymous said...

They are freakin' adorable!! I love them already. And how precious are the little ear tufties?!

One of my former students had several pet bunnies--one walked on a leash!

TI said...

What little cutie pies.