Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wednesday Wrap Up (2)

I'm posting this on Tuesday night because I anticipate tomorrow to be a super busy day at work, so I won't be able to sneak in 10 minutes of blogging.

The verdict: Success! I clocked in 4 writing sessions this week!
Well, let's spend a minute defining writing sessions, as my friend Robyn and I did via email earlier in the week. On Friday, I wrote more than 350 words about my story for Sunday Scribblings. One down. On Monday night, I wrote 200 words before being interrupted by something. Today I wrote the remaining 150 on that chunk, and clocked in another 350. Checks two and three. Here's where tallying gets a little funky: On Thursday, I spent an hour in one of my favorite bookstores--The Trident on Newbury Street--researching literary journals that I could send my work to. Though that didn't add to my word count, it did consist of time spent on writing activities, and Robyn and I decided to count those hours,too.

I think of it like how you're "allowed" to count short, 10 minute walks in your daily exercise goal. Would it be most beneficial to get all of your exercise by doing errands on foot? Probably not. But the walking does still count towards the greater goal.

Anyway, this week's goal: met!

And let me reiterate how much having this goal has helped me. There is NO WAY I would've sat down and written tonight after dealing with a washing machine that flooded my upstairs and leaked into my downstairs (yes, this happened to me today) had it not been for knowing that I'd be shamed by reporting my failure here.
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RR said...

i am feeling so motivated by reading about your "word quota". i am still working on figuring out what the equivalent is in the art studio. for example...does staring at the wall count? xo

WriterBug said...

Hahah! I read your post about this, and had to laugh at when you said, "Are writers more disciplined than visual artists?" Um, no! But I do think a time goal is a good idea. But if you end up spending most of the time staring at your wall, then maybe you could switch to a "piece" goal. Like I'll get the first draft (or whatever you call an iteration of a piece) of xx pieces finished in xx amount of time.

January said...

Yes, I am motivated, too. Now I must go and write.