Monday, July 21, 2008


A little about my submission processes...

To finalize my story, I sent it to three very smart readers (thank you!) who made great comments and confirmed that it is ready to go out.

Then I read it aloud to check for any snaggles. Edited those, and changed the beginning a bit to make sure I was starting in a place that would really grab the reader.

And now, I am researching the journals whose work I liked while perusing them in a bookstore and finding... that many of them are not accepting submissions during the summer! POO! At least I have a list of places to send to in the fall (Not accepting til September) (Not accepting til October) accepting til September) (No info about submissions, but the website is still talking about its Spring issue, so I assume they are not up and running in the summer) (Not accepting til October)

I also have to find two "nice" rejection letters I got in the past telling me to send more stuff.

I'm hoping, too, that the Lesley folks will start sending out info about placing soliciting for work, so I can add to my list. I'm guessing that too many of these are "reach" publications. But hey, I guess I'll start at the top and work my way down as necessary....

Any lit mags you think I should add to my list? Suggestions welcome. Best Blogger Tips


WriterBug said...

Yes, I'm commenting on my own post. Wonderful Robyn suggested some other lit mags to send to, which are accepting submissions. I want to post them here so I keep all my "to submits" in one place.

My first submissions will be to:

On the latter, I'm wondering if it's better to submit to a publication's contest, or just it's general pool. Any thoughts?

bostonerin said...

Lots of lit mags are funded by colleges, hence why they don't accept submissions during the summer--no one there to read them!

All Story and Glimmer Train are good additions.

As for contests vs. general--with contests, lots of times there's an entry fee, which goes toward the prize. I think the volume of submissions is higher in a contest, because they're advertised more widely, but the quality of the writing not always be as good. So more people to compete with, but their work won't be as good.

WriterBug said...

Thanks Erin. I appreciate your knowledge/experience!

WriterBug said...

Another one to submit to immediately:

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