Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Win some! (and lose some)

First, the good news: The Boston Globe's City Weekly is taking my essay about Brian and me adjusting to our puppy dog! I'm so excited!

I'm also doing a small article for them on this amazing event Brian and I went to Sunday night: the caroling mob. (I'll post a link to my article this weekend if you want to know more about it.)

Then, the bad: my cleaning essay got rejected from Skirt. I thought this magazine would be a good fit for it, so I'm bummed. I'm wondering if the essay needs tweaking, or if I just need to keep on sending it out there. If anyone who hasn't read that essay for me yet wants to, please let me know. I'd love more comments! Best Blogger Tips


FatCharlatan said...

Congrats on the essay for Boston City Weekly--definitely send me a link (I get "West"). And congrats on the other freelancing assignment. This is GREAT, Bug...focus on this!!!!

I think you need to send your cleaning essay to a BUNCH more places before you decide the issue is the essay and not the pub. Revise and/or tweak after ten or 20 rejections...not a couple. It's a GREAT essay. It'll get picked up.

(Skirt is a really hard market to crack...many of my writing buds have tried to crack it...we'll make it our resolution in 2007! Crack Skirt! [okay, that sounds kinda naughty...])

Hey--you could send a pitch about your cleaning essay to "Coupling" in the Globe Magazine...but the editor only accepts pitches, not full essays. Also try "Modern Love" in NYT.

DJPare said...

Congrats on the Globe stuff!
That's gtreat!!

Bug said...

Thanks so much to you both.

FC, I'll take your advice and submit, submit, submit. Thanks for the Globe and NYT ideas. I'll have to shorten the essay for them, but hey, that's OK too.

And LOL re Crack skirt! I love it!

January said...

Congrats on the puppy article. You are building quite the writing resume. Focus on the positive stuff and make plans to conquer the world in 2007.

I'd like to read your freelancing article, not to critique but because I enjoy your work.