Thursday, December 14, 2006

What I learned from a man

I sometimes read Thisfish's blog, which is mostly about dating in NY. She recently had a post about the 10 things she learned from a man, and I thought I'd steal the concept.
  1. How to fight fair (bug)
  2. How to save and invest (my dad)
  3. How to respond to difficult people with some semblance of grace (my boss)
  4. How to love Christmas (bug)
  5. How to play poker (my cousins)
  6. How to write a coverletter (my big brother)
  7. How to rollerblade (my little brother)
  8. How to develop photos (a male college prof)
  9. How not to break up with someone (in a letter; thanks to a jerk I used to date)
  10. How to make a fort out of your bed and not get out of it all day (bug)
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January said...

You know I'm going to steal this, right?

Bug said...


DJPare said...

Can I do it also and list myself for each? :)

Bug said...

Hmmm. Maybe you should do women?

DJPare said...

When I learn something from a woman, I will...


KIDDING!!!!!!! :)

Kim G. said...

Fun idea! I might save this for one of those days I need a creative spark.

Floraine Kay said...

Nicely done.