Friday, December 08, 2006

recurring nightmare

So, apparently I am nervous about my upcoming MFA residency. I have now had 3 dreams with the same theme--I show up for a class and I have forgotten to do the reading and/or I don't know where to go.

The wierd thing is that I don't really feel nervous about the residency. No, I haven't done my reading yet, but I've got weeks to get that done. And I'm really psyched to see all my buddies again. I guess getting workshopped is always nerve-racking, but I should be used to that by now... What could it be?

I guess it will be a break from my routine, which may be causing anxiety? Though that's not usually my M.O.... Maybe getting a new mentor? That will be a scary change since I loved my current one so much... Maybe part of me isn't happy with what I accomplished this semester? Though I wouldn't be surprised because I'm psycho like that, I should be very proud of myself. Maybe making a list of writing accomplishments will help:
  • Wrote 2 short stories that are on their way to being finished. Definitely the best writing I've done ever.
  • Wrote everyday, between blogging and morning pages.
  • Wrote 2 essays that I consider done.
  • Started submitting them places. Though they haven't found a home yet, at least I'm in the game.
  • Reinforced my writing community, through blogging and meeting with locals like BostonErin and Poetmom.
  • Pitched and got assigned some articles for the Globe.
  • Started taking myself more seriously as a creative writer.
OK, let's see if my dreams change tonight... Best Blogger Tips


GoGo said...

I love the list of things done. Well done!

I always have a bad dream where I am going to class and forgot to do the readings or missed a class right before life changes. Every time. I think its so I can wake up and feel relieved from what is actually happening in my life. There is nothing like waking up and realizing none of it happened.

Jane said...

I have had the same type of dream often. Usually, I find myself back in high school as an adult and I roam the halls trying to figure out where my locker is and what the combo is. Once I find the locker and get in to it, I then don't know what my class schedule is. I'm with gogo, it's nice to wake up and realize it was only a dream. I do think that these types of dreams occur when you have some pending changes in you life directions.