Tuesday, December 26, 2006

To dos

I am lucky enough to have this week off, so, of course, I need a to do list to make sure I don't go insane. My two must-do to-dos are:
  1. Revise my thesis proposal
  2. Do my MFA reading

Other things I hope to get done:

  1. Make headway on redoing our second bathroom. I'd really like to finish it, but I want to be realistic here since I'm doing a lot of the work myself and I've never done this type of thing before.
  2. Put a second coat on the touch up paint in our bedroom; hang art there.
  3. Finish and start knitting projects: Start and finish 2 hats (1 for my dad, one for a friend of the family); finish my mom's scarf; finish B's hat; master the lace knitting scarf pattern; start my fun, adorable pocketbook.
  4. Read the pile of books near my bedside
  5. Work on my break-up friend essay and write a draft of a"who wears the pants" essay I've been thinking about. Edit down my cleaning essay to submit to the Globe.
  6. Decide what photos we want for our wedding album, scan them, and order them. Finally! Also decide which four we want framed and order them. Also order a few honeymoon pics to frame in the hallway.
  7. Scan new clips and ask B to add them to my website.

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January said...

Good luck with your to dos. We're doing the same things around our house this week.

Kim G. said...

Wow! Sounds ambitious but I know you can do it! I love how you post your to-do lists - it's a great accountability tool. I'd love to see pictures of some of your knitting projects some time - a peacock? Sounds interesting!

DJPare said...

You're doing your bathroom yourself? Impressive!

FatCharlatan said...

Okay. I'll be really happy for you if you have all the residency reading done, but I'll also be sad for ME (and it's all about me, right?) since misery likes company. I'm struggling through some of it, namely the endless stuff for CM's seminar, most of which I'm not smart enough to understand. On a bright note, I'm half-way done (and enjoying) reading and commenting on the manuscripts for the workshops.

I'm antsy. I just want to start the damned residency already.

End of rant.

chiefbiscuit said...

You are an inspiration. You are going to be one busy woman!! LOVED the Globe article - well done. Happy New Year.

DFW Real Estate said...

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