Friday, December 22, 2006

Like a rock

One of the many things I love about my husband is how well he takes care of me when I'm sick (even when that sickness is self-inflicted in the form of too much alcohol). The other day when I drank much too much, he picked me up from the bar and drove my very drunk friend home across town.

Then he was very patient with me as I begged him to stay at said friend's house so I could drink some more. All of this while I spouted funny but very inappropriate things, such as "EVERYONE LOVES BOOBS!" (That was one of the more proper ones.... But tell me, is it not true?)

After he finally corralled me back into the car, I made him listen to Paul Simon, whom I love and Brian hates. When the song Love Me Like a Rock came on, I said (quite a few times) "I love you like rock. Because a rock is solid, and I love you..."and over and over. Until finally I said, "Do you know what I mean? I love you like A ROCK, as in a stone. Not I-Raq, as in the country. George Bush totally fucked that up."

From the mouths of drunks.... Best Blogger Tips


DJPare said...

Have to admit, you're right - everyone does love boobs. You sure are an insightful drunk...

And yes, man...Brian is patient! :)

FatCharlatan said...

This is hysterical AND I sniff an essay pitch for "Coupling" in the Globe magazine (I'm sorry--my mind is always looking at ways people can submit stuff...this drove my advisor absolutely nuts, but I can't help it). Seriously...this would make a good essay.

Hope you're feeling better! :)

GoGo said...

I love that song! I've been there too with the drunk commentary.

Happy Holidays and a New Year!


January said...

That Brian is a keeper!

bostonerin said...


Thanks for the laugh.