Monday, March 12, 2007

Random, random

I'm not even sure what to post... Some updates: I'm still sick. Today's
form of the cold is laryngitis. Fun! But luckily I was well enough to
enjoy my weekend away and bond with my friend, Kathy, who lives in NY
and who I don't get to see enough.

Yea for yoga. Now, here, I
am making a promise that I want all you readers to hold me accountable
to: I will meditate every day. Be it morning or night, I will do it. I
have triedabout a thousand times to do this, but I'm hoping it sticks
this time. I feel like it might because I've been fairly disciplined
about morning pages. (Well, disciplined is relative... for me, that
means that even if I skip a day or two I eventually remember to get
back to it.) I bought a chanting CD, which I guess won't come in handy
until my voice is back...

Some things to do:
Tonight, clean the condo! Straighten up, vacuum, and clean bathroom. Then read for IS.

Tomorrow: Host neighborhood meeting (hence the cleaning) and then read more.

Wednesday: Haircut! And eyebrow wax! Some shopping afterwards. Maybe I'll go to a cafe and have myself an artist's date.

Fri, Sat.: I'm lucky enough to be able to go to this
conference on writing medical memoirs
for free through my
work! It ties inuber-nicely with my IS project of writing a doctor's memoir about heart transplant.

Sun: I want to do a bunch of craft projects (sew Chloe a bed, hem some pants, work on framing some photos. And then it's an outing with two of my favorite writers (poetmom and BostonErin) to write and eat chocolate!

OK, I feel roughly organized (if mute--which is an awfully odd feeling. I can't even get myself some coffee!) Best Blogger Tips


TI said...

Sorry to hear you're still sick. It does hang on -- the past couple of days are really the first time in two weeks that I've started to feel like myself again. Yes, yes! Meditate every day. Use your lost voice as an opportunity to relish the silence. Sounds as if you have quite a week ahead of you. Take care of yourself too. I don't see that on the to-do list.

January said...

Yes, I hope you feel better very, very soon. Meditate, write, and find a balance.

I'm SO looking forward to our get together this weekend!

bostonerin said...


I hope you feel better, Bug! Don't overdo it. Laryngitis is a great excuse for tea and honey and anything else you want your husband to get for you.

Repeater said...

So sad you're still a sick sock (note alliteration). I too have been lax in my meditation, but am hoping when I return home to pick it up once again. Feel better, bug. I agree with ti about putting take care of yourself on that list (though I suppose artist's date might count as such)

chiefbiscuit said...

You poor old sick sock you! How did your cup of coffee go? Are you managing to keep to your schedule? Have a great week! Get better soon. (Oh and say Hi to poetmum for me!;)

FatCharlatan said...

Hey, Sick Sock, how are you feeling? Are you keeping to your schedule? I'm excited for your medical memoir class--sounds perfect for your IS project...have you had to hand anything into Elaine yet? How'd it go?

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