Saturday, March 24, 2007

Just not feeling it

I've put in my writing time for today--two hours--but I just wasn't feeling it. I was neither in the scenes enough to get lost in the story, nor out of the story enough to be able to instill in it a sense of theme. Part of the problem, now that I think about it, is that there are more than one themes fighting for attention. And I think I'm trying too hard to get a handle on that. I need to just write and see how things go. I'm being too controlling. (Shocking, I know.) Tomorrow I'll spend my first writing hour freewriting about the character and the situation. Then the next hour I'll go back to the scenes and see where to go next. Best Blogger Tips


FatCharlatan said...

Hang in there. If by the end of next week we're still not feeling it (can you tell I'm having similar issues?), we'll have a Collective PC Defenestration Party (defenestration is my new favorite word).

TI said...

I'm on the same hump, feeling as if I am producing flat prose that is going nowhere. I took your freewrite advice this morning and maybe, just maybe, things are loosening up a bit. It's reassuring that we're all having the same issues. We're definitely all on the same mood cycle this semester.

TI said...

FC, that IS a great word!

Repeater said...

I'm there too. Frustrating! Can't seem to get anywhere on this story. I'll try your technique too, bug.
Good one FC.

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