Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Plans by five

I tagged myself for this meme. Thanks to Laini (of Sunday Scribblings fame) for introducing it to me.

Five month plan:

* Recharge my creative battery at my MFA residency at the end of June.
* Finish 2 short stories, and revise 2 others
* Read lots and lots of great books
* Continue meditating and journaling on more days than not
* Have a kick ass garden and allow myself time to enjoy it and all the wonders of summer.

Five year plan:

* Publish some short stories and essays
* Get some writing teaching gigs
* Move to N. Carolina
* Get another dog
* Finally make a decision as to whether or not we want to have kids
* Visit, in no particular order: Costa Rica, Australia, India, China.

Five decade plan:

* Learn to be calm
* Make a living off of writing creative stuff
* Figure out a way to reach and inspire other writers
* Really cherish life. Best Blogger Tips


Laini Taylor said...

Hey! So cool to come over and see my tag in action! Your list is great -- certainly see some similarities to mine! I like your dog one, too. Since we just lost one of our two dog babies, it is in our minds when to get another one or two. Our remaining guy is old, and we'll probably wait and get two new dogs together down the line. Sigh. Maybe new dogs AFTER some of the trips are checked off the list!

And good luck on the writing goals!

January said...

Great meme. I'll have to try it later this week.

Good goals. Hope you get to travel, and share pictures on the blog, of course.

Tori said...

You do reach and inspire writers!
(If you consider this blogger a writer :)
Great meme!

bostonerin said...

I really like your 'learn to be more calm' goal. *sigh* I need that, too.

Your creative writing goals are all within your reach.

Gili said...

So brave of you to publish this. I'm a fan of the plan!

Repeater said...

Good goals. I'm afraid to even do a five minute plan. Who knows what I'll feel like doing next? Don't want to get tied down to anything. I like to keep it loose. (in my head that's what I pretend I'm like, but I'm actually quite obsessive and uptight)

Becca said...

This plan of fives is interesting, although I admit it scares me a little- probably because I'm in the early stages of my fifth decade on earth. I don't have quite as much time left to play with as you young women do! However, I do believe in the power of goal setting, and I wish you great success with all of yours.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today for Write on Wednesday. And yes, it is my own little idea, thank you for asking ;)