Wednesday, March 21, 2007

For Boston locals

I am a member of the National Writer's Union (and urge all writers to join--they have great resources on things like contracts, and it's a good community of writers in general). Here are some events open to members and non-members. I'm thinking about gonig to all the Writer's Life series except the MFA one. Let me know if you'd like to join me!

The time to grasp the innards of book contracts is before one lands
on your desk – from agent or publisher – marked “Sign & return ASAP.”
WHEN: Saturday morning, March 31, 10:30-12:30
WHERE: Barnes & Noble, Kenmore Square
WHO: Chris Ammer, National Contract Adviser for the National
Writers Union, and Barbara Mende, Grievance and Contract Division
WHAT: A two-hour session on everything book authors need to know
about getting better contracts and how the union can help them. Topics
include copyright, subsidiary rights, royalties, warranties, option
clauses and more. The free session is open to NWU members and the
general public.

2. Shaping and Taping:
The Art of Taking Your Writing Off the Page and Submitting it to
Public Radio.
WHEN: Saturday, April 28, 2007
WHERE: Community Church of Boston, Copley Sq.
TIME: 10 am to 1 pm
COST: $25 NWU members, $35 non-members
WHAT: Back by popular demand! Writers/commentators Leslie
Brunetta and Judah Leblang and audio producer Robert Smyth will
give a three-hour workshop that offers writers hands-on experience in
reading and recording a short (200-400 word, two-to-three minute) essay.

In the workshop you'll do the following:
}}} Record an essay, commentary or vignette
}}} Get supportive feedback on your reading style and learn to shape
your work for radio
}}} Participate in critiques of others' work
}}} Get tips on approaching local NPR stations and national NPR
}}} Discuss creative ways to take your work "off the page" and
market it to NPR, college stations, and other venues
Sign-up is limited to 12 participants and those on the waiting list from
last time get first dibs. To pre-register: contact National Writers Union,
Boston Chapter co-chair Barbara Beckwith, or
call 617-868-3143.

The Writer's Life Series

Check out our link for the details:
or go to CCAE to sign up.

April 11 - From Idea to Bookshelf:
Authors Share Their Publishing Stories
The authors discuss their book projects, and the journey from
conception to publication. They reveal what went right, what went
wrong, and what was unexpected.

April 18 - M.F.A. Programs: Weighing the Pros and Cons
With enrollment skyrocketing in M.F.A. programs in Creative Writing,
the panelists will discuss the pros and cons of these programs, as well
as ways in which they may be shaping, for better and worse, the nature
of today's literary fiction. They'll also pose the question: do you need
help in order to write, or you can you trust your own instincts and
go it alone?

April 25 - Blogs, Websites and E-Zines:
Navigating the Literary Landscape Online
Tart and opinionated, erudite and thoughtful discussions about books
all over the Internet offer a refreshing alternative to the mainstream
press. Panelists will direct you to the best and most heavily-trafficked
literary sites online, as well as discuss how, in starting your own blog
or e-zine, you can share your love of books with others while hopefully
finding an audience for your own writing.

May 2 - The Paperwork Behind Publication: The Art of Communicating
with Editors, Agents and Publishers
After the joy of having your work accepted for publication comes the
real paperwork. In an evening of "show and tell," three writers share
queries, invoices, proposal letters, requests for contract changes,
demands for overdue payment, email exchanges over editorial word
changes, and more Best Blogger Tips

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January said...

Thanks for posting!

I'm interested in the NPR discussion, the blogging session, and from idea to bookshelf. I'm adding them to my calendar now.

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