Monday, January 29, 2007

Waiting and nailbiting

So I sent a query into a yet-to-be-named-here magazine a while back. Heard nothing. Then, this weekend, I got an email asking a question about how the essay ends. (This mag specifically asks for queries only, not the full thing.) I emailed her this morning, and she emailed me back immediately asking me to clarify further. Then... nothing. I'm not sure if that means she didn't like how I answered the second question or if I'm just being impatient. Please send good vibes my (and her) way! Best Blogger Tips


FatCharlatan said...

I have parts of my body crossed that I didn't even know I could cross.

Sending good thoughts your way and the editor's way.

TI said...

Ooooo. That is very exciting and I'm sending good vibes in your direction.

Gili said...

sending lots and lots of good vibes.

good luck!!!!!

Repeater said...

Wow- maybe this no goal thing is working for exciting. I'll muster all the vibe I can, for sure.