Friday, January 19, 2007

New semester, new list

OK, friends, here is my OCD side coming out in full force once again. These are my to do's for the weekend. I tried to keep this weekend free of social obligations, but I'm not doing a very good job. I like my friends/my city too much, I think. Anyway...

* Read Ms. Welty for 45 minutes before I go out to dinner and to see the play the Cherry Orchard.

*Yoga in the morning with a friend.
*Then go to Java Jos coffee shop and read and write for as long as they'll have me.
*Go to M's house to help her deal with being left alone with a baby for 10 days while her husband is on a business trip.

*More reading and writing, including:
**Finalize draft of thesis proposal (ugh; not for my MFA) and mail it (yea!)
**Create IS study plan
**Look through interviewing books I have, and order others as needed
*Vegetarian cooking club is coming over. This is really B's thing, so I hope he doesn't need me to clean/help prep... Best Blogger Tips


TI said...

I have grown to love your lists and have begun to make my own. Thanks.

FatCharlatan said...

I agree with TI. Your lists inspire me! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend and doing some great writing and Java Jo's.