Wednesday, January 03, 2007


New Years resolutions
Here's another belated New Year's post, and my last post for a while as I'll be at my MFA residency starting tonight. I am SO looking forward to a week's worth of very intense motivation, mostly in the form of being with the other students, who are so inspirational!

I’m big into make resolutions all the year through, but I still like to take some time on the New Year and think about my goals for the year to come.

  • I’d like to do more yoga and meditating, hopefully getting it up to a daily practice
  • I’d like to reinvigorate my morning pages routine (which flagged last month)
  • Be really good to my body, exercise and eating wise
  • Send out a fiction piece for publication (yikes!)
  • And most of all I’d like to really try to be good to the environment. I already recycle ardently, and compost, too. I barely drive. But I’d like to take things one step further. I’d like to consume less by really thinking about whether I need the stuff I’m buying, and then trying to buy from good companies like No Sweat when I can, and supporting artists by buying from instead of mass marketed products. (Maybe not an environmental help, but it still makes the world a little better, I think.) I also plan to use natural products like vinegar and lemon juice as cleaners instead of chemicals, and to eat more organic dairy and produce. And overall just to keep in mind that my choices do affect the world, and hopefully that by changing my lifestyle I can influence others to do the same.
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January said...

Good luck with the residency.

These are great resolutions, Bug, especially the last one. We all could stand to be a little more environmentally conscious in 2007.