Saturday, January 20, 2007

Story idea

I had this dream last night where there was some sort of party at my parents' house, and my brother, who is married in real life and was in my dream, was flirting heavily with a stranger. I had to keep reminding him he was married, which he did not appreciate.

In bed this morning, I thought about what an interesting story it'd make if a married man somehow starts hitting on another woman in front of his sister, and the struggle the sister would have in figuring out what to do and how to do it and what her place in the situation is. Especially if the siblings were as different as my brother and I are.

I think I'll tackle that idea for my second story submission. Best Blogger Tips


TI said...

That is a great premise for a story. The sister's point of view gives it a whole different spin.

Gili said...

How are you so brave? I am so private about story ideas, writing exercises, anything related to writing really. I can't believe how willing to share you are. It's amazing. I admire that so much.

Repeater said...

A lot of artistic genious comes from the place of dreams and semi-conciousness. I'd run with it!

Bug said...

Thanks guys! And Gili, I think that's just cause I don't share this blog with too many non-writer friends, and no family. It seems less scary to share ideas with you guys since I know you'll get what I'm talking about (most of the time at least!)

DJPare said...

Very interesting!
Look forward to reading about it.