Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Another exercise: An alter ego

This one is also courtesy of Room to Write. And it's also being posted because I didn't get around to writing it out long hand this morning. Though I did fit in pilates, morning pages, and a Chloe walk in the fah-reezing cold.

The short version of the exercise instructions: develop a character sketch of an alter ego. (And don't make her fabulous in the ways you are not, which will just make you sad.)

My alter ego
My alter's name is Rhonda. When her car gets stuck on the side of the road, she does not call AAA or her boyfriend because she knows how to fit her own damn carburator. She also knows what to do in emergencies, like the main characters on my current television obsession, Lost. She acts fast and doesn't second guess herself.

My alter ego is also a bit hefty. If she were to wear a Superwoman costume (which is what I picture her in) a roll of flab would overhang the top of her bikini, and her thighs would be thick like old, oak tree trunks. She doesn't worry about this though, she's too busy saving puppies that run in front of cars and what not. Best Blogger Tips


bostonerin said...

I bet Rhonda would be a blast to have a beer with.

chiefbiscuit said...

I like this a lot - it says it all in a few words. Lovely detail.

Gili said...

you're too funny. by the way, you're so brave for posting writing exercises on your blog. i'm way too shy to do that.

Repeater said...

Oh, I think there's probably a lot of her in you (minus the roll of flab- nice detail though)

my backyard said...

love superwoman's comfort with her flab