Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Things to do before vacation

This is going to be a boring post, so feel free to skip it! It's just a to-do list for my own sake. And I feel the need to publish the insanity that is me before a vacation.

  • Dust
  • Vacuum, especially by the cat box
  • Clean the kitchen floors
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Hang new shower curtain liner (buy it first!) and wash shower curtain
  • Do all laundry and put away
  • Plant new flowers outside
  • Set up composter
  • Clean up dirt that Boom Boom spilled on the back porch
  • Water all plants
  • Pack (games, DVDs, knitting, books--fun and school, laptop, cell charger, IPod charger)
  • Hem pants
  • If have time, file paperwork in office
No wonder I need a vacation! Best Blogger Tips


TI said...

Bug, why do you want to plant new flowers outside just before you leave?

Bug said...

LOL TI. I have this transplant that needs to get in the ground. And a friend will come by and water it. :)

FatCharlatan said...

Ummm. When do you leave?? ;)

Have you thought of channeling some of this behavior into one of your characters???

I think the idea of someone buying and hanging a new shower curtain before going on vacation is hysterical.

I should hire you over here...I don't think I've changed the shower curtain since Clinton's presidency--his first term.


TI said...

I chuckled about the shower curtain too. My going away to-do list is just to have the house reasonably "tidy" (forget clean) so that I don't feel stressed as soon as I walk in the door. Though you wouldn't know it by my office, clutter stresses me out big time.

Kim G. said...

It's such a pain rushing trying to get it all done before you leave, but it is so nice to come home and have it be DONE, isn't it?

Have a great time on your vacation!

January said...

You're going to plant flowers before you go? I have flowers I bought in May that blooming, still in their original containers. (So sad.)

Enjoy your vacation!

Bug said...

LOL. Thanks, ladies, for putting me in perspective. I think I will amend my list to not include planting the flowers. The shower curtain, though, that's non-negotiable. :) Oh, and I forgot to put paying bills and getting Chloe her flea protection on there.

And in case you're wondering, Brian will be doing chunks of this list, too. :) He didn't marry an idiot!

TI said...

Where are you off to and will you be off-line? TI

Bug said...

We're going to Maine--Acadia Nat'l Park to be specific. I am SO looking forward to biking, hiking, and swimming all day! And reading a lot. I have to bring my computer because I need to work on my submission, so I'll probably be checking in on my blog from time to time. But I won't be checking email. That's one rule I have for myself--no email on vacation!

TI said...

have a great trip! TI